Our site represents an uncommon variety, something of a traditional character, a rare exotic tropical fruit called soursop, its high cost and sporadic supply. The soursop plant is a multi-purpose plant which produces a fruit that is packed with multiple nutritional values and have rarely been in the marketplace. The plant has a high tolerance of alkaline like soil, drought and is easily propagated from seed, it begins to produce fruit steadily when closer toward three years after planting. These plants will not need to be replenish, and is also known to be of great cash crop production, after maturity they will in no doubt continue to produce from generation to generations.

Consequently, Soursop is one of the minor crops that is now gaining its popularity across the world market because of its economic uses. Actually this crop is now gaining its prospect on the "Global Market". Here’s where we have seen the need to start a new enterprise and are in the process of putting together the necessary resources to cultivate soursop through a massive organic orchard system, where with in the near future as our cultivation becomes more mature and are in its production stage we are looking forward to create a new line of product from the supply of our very own exotic plants and fruit.

Both Soursop plant and fruit are known to gradually work superbly well within the human system whereby, it can play a vital role, working superbly well towards the benefits of nutritional health into human functional system. The Soursop fruit can be eaten raw from hand, in juice, ice cream, blended drinks and the like from this rare produce. Because of its many economic uses and great demand in processing industries especially in production of soursop drinks, or can also be blended in with many other fruit drinks and the like, expansion and more production should be encouraged to meet its high demand.

Therefore, our intent is about gaining your attention about the importance of this project and how important it is for us to have it in the food industry and especially in the international market. An international distribution analysis was also done by our team, where we have found this fruit to be very rare in the marketplace and has been distributed only by 6% of distributors throughout the global market. For that reason, soursop fruit has a wide open marketability ratio of over 90% waiting to get supply.

Soursop has been cultivated in small quantity causing it to carry a high marketing rate of US$10-15 per pound. Because of it been so expensive, makes it even more difficult for distributors to keep up with the supply, as consumers are failing to purchase it at such high cost. As a result, here's another reason where we saw the need to create a massive soursop fruit orchard, where we can become a major supplier of this produce. By making such dramatic move, we believe it should have the produce moving steadily throughout the marketplace where we will help consumers to find it at a more affordable cost.

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The Preparation of A Soursop Fruit

Growing A Soursop Plant


A publication site, prepared by an author to introduce his books, namely; Interaction Of The Sexes. This package includes a four series, with the first series being published, named; Codes Of The Sexes. Inspirationally, here is a tool created especially to help you transform your interpersonal relationship between you and your partner.

New off the press: October 14, 2020 
Interaction of the Sexes is a book penned by author Everton Elliott, who aims to help people change their personal relationships’ by helping you to understand the underlying forces that govern them. As it explores all the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and the conflicts people experience within their partnerships.

Readers knowledge begins with every turn of page through an extremely comprehensive content guide. Which will help them to achieve a more in-depth path, toward a more thoughtful illustration of how we were evolved to be the people who practice of having one single intimate sexual partner, during the period of our lifetime or individuals who having more than one sexual partner at the same time.

This story was written immensely based on just another adaptive function; it will subsist though as if one of those long term, short-term, romantic interactions in a relationship! A dream of a happy, fulfilling, faithful and until death do us part sort of a relationship that will never last. These are the types of relationship seem to be the ultimate gold for most people. However, let us consider this storyline, which is far from being a fairy tale, yet it is still close to be the reality.

If you should at some point, pause and consider the typical storyline, of a popular fairytale, like; Snow White and Cinderella, would be the portray of a gorgeous looking pair. Overcoming various complicated circumstances, rejoicing a committed relationship, living happily ever after, until death they would not part.

Unlike this couple in this scenario, they were young, attractive, and healthy people at the peak of their reproductive age; they both were eagerly ready to commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives.
Having grown up with such a plot, often time they would wonder why is it that their own love-path resembles' more like what you could call, an uncomfortable stumbling path through life. It would seem like all the way through their confusing, mating, dating and lovemaking pathway of things, followed up with dead ends with all the wrong choices made.

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