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TropiNutriCell Presents - Letter of Intent Campaign

Submission Title: Tropical Fruit -Soursop- Orchard Development
Naturally Exotic - Organically Grown ٠ Nutritional ٠ Tasty Tropical Fruit

Founded: March 8th 2013

Formulated: September 18th 2017

Professional Experience: More information in a business plan

Referred By: A conceptual thought

Business Area: Produce/Manufacturing

Business Value: Could be in the 1,000,000,000’s

U.S Mailing Address: P.O. Box 260267, Hartford, CT 06126
U.S Office: 117-34 Nashville Blvd., Cambria Heights, NY 11411
Property: Hinton East Estates, Albert Town P.O., Trelawny, Jamaica. W.I.
Jamaica Office: Suite # 6, Southdale Plaza, 3 South Ave, Kingston 10, St. Andrew, Jamaica W.I.
Office Phone: 347-441-5039
Web Address:

Project Directors: Everton Elliott
Phone: 914-354-9918 ٠ Email Address:

Business Partners: Rev. Dr. Hensekh ٠ Business Personnel
Advisory Board of Directors
Mr. Jeremiah Harris ٠ Personal Care Assistant
Mr. David Abrahams ٠ Personal Tax Advisory
Mr. Fitzroy Osbourne ٠ Factory Operation Supervisor
Mr. Melvin Simon ٠ Businessman
Phone: 917-673-1024 ٠ Email:

Members of The Rural Agricultural Development Agency - Jamaica
Mr. Stenneth Brown ٠ St. James Green House Controller
Mr. Deion Subaran ٠ Newport Fersan Agronomist

We are reaching out to all importers and exporters, this includes major distribution companies who are both located regionally as well as internationally operated; to let you know we are looking to become your new startup supplier. We are moving forward towards acquiring and to developing land in Jamaica, as we are about putting together a massive organic tropical fruit orchard to cultivate the "Soursop Fruit".

First and foremost, we are well aware that not unless you are from the Tropic's you have ought to have known this fruit. Therefore, we already know that there are many others across the globe who will not know what our production is really about; but I can assure you that we will be there with you all the way to insure in educating all of you and your people across the globe how to gain the most out of this produce and also the proven facts about all the nutrients that are laying deep within it.

Please understand that we are not a group who are looking to gain a one night business relations from a 50 to 200 acre orchard with which we are constantly working hard to put together to produce this tropical fruit soursop, we are looking to develop a life long business relationship across the globe as this is our new Enterprise plan that is expecting to take launch and carry on form generation to generations.

While we have been analyzing the scope of the distribution channels, we are pleased to request your support in this effort. We would like to have your company participate in become one of the distribution sub-let with whom would acquire our produce. We would also like to offer this produce to your company at a startup rate of US$4 per pound. Soursop fruit can be marketed from the “produce department” of your distribution centers. We are also pleased to request your support in this effort so that we can have you as one who would allow us the privilege to be the supplier who would supply to your company a fruit that will fit perfectly well into your “grocery stores”.

Please be advise that at this time our investment source is seeking a letter of intent, showing marketability proof for this produce. Therefore, we are hereby asking you to please participate in this effort by giving us your support, when you kindly affix your endorsement on the letter of intent form which can be sent to you within an email attachment or by the link below, "Formal Letter of Intent".

Please understand also, how important it is for all of us and how much we are awaiting your support, as we are passionately looking forward to take this discussion to the production level before the ending of the coming fall of 2019.

As we all can see, the movement of soursop fruit has not been properly dealt with in the marketplace and has only been distributed by an average of just about 6% of distribution companies globally. Wherefore, while we are yet to start our soursop orchard production we are anticipating continuous connections with your company, with whom we are also expecting you to give us your support. This shall give us the opportunity moving forward to establish an endeavor; this way we can all be capable enough to have this produce moving properly throughout the global marketplace within a consistency.


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