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Formal Letter Of Intent

Formal letter of intent to purchase

Company name:
Zip Code:

Subject: Letter of Intent to Purchase (Subject of purchase)

Dear Sir, Madam,

We take this opportunity to declare our intention to purchase ___________________________
(Subject of purchase) from your organization in _________________________ (city, state, country).
Our company is duly organized and existing under the laws of the State of ____________________,
based on its Deed of Incorporation and Articles of Association dated on     /    /       .

The principal business address of our company is at __________________________ (address), while our principle activities include: wholesale trade, export, distribution, and limited production of final goods.

In line with the above stated, we at, __________________________ (Name of buyer’s company), hereby confirm with full responsibility that we are willing and able to enter into contract for the purchase of the following items, as specified below, and that funding is available, including any import or export permits that may occur for the benefit of this particular purchase;

Product: ____________________________

Origin of the goods: ___________________

Total quantity: __________________ (measurement)

Destination Port: ____________________

Delivery Terms: _____________________

Packing: ____________________________

Payment method: ____________________

We understand that this letter of intent is a starting point for further negotiations and operates as a framework under which the transaction can proceed.

We look forward to working with you on this proposal, hopefully beneficial for both entities.


Company name


Date:      /      /         


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