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TropiNutriCell Infanta seeks to promote an uncommon variety, something of a traditional character and shall be delivered to a competitive market with quality selection; which will come along with many other goodies. We at TropiNutriCell are proud to share this with all our friends and families across the globe. Our family have been living in the United States of America for over the past thirty-five years, where I personally have been actively operating as a professional chauffeur for over the past eighteen years.

Although, this time I am about to take a lead in a different direction to back in the days of where I was born and raised as a farm boy, on a family owned business farm. For the period of time I have lived in the USA, I would still travel back and forth to Jamaica where I was raised. Even though my grandparents are not around anymore, things are still business as usual and now runs by their grand and great grandchildren living back there in Jamaica.

Living abroad for such long time I have often tried to give a listening ear to the public at large, just to gain some knowledge from them about any major brand that could be missing from their grocery store shelves. As we've been trying to figure this out, again and again we have discussed this among our family. Obviously, if there’s one thing we would like to promote to our international marketplaces would be to supply a product with natural value.

In the future, our site shall be transformed into a site that will stand as a gateway leading to the same products you would find at your major retailers, but will mostly be of edification about the produce and its usage. Which will also make it more convenient for consumers to have the links leading to different sites to help them finding the products, there they'll be able to shop from either home, work or play and have it delivered directly to their doorsteps.  Our motto is, while we find it very interesting to establish this relationship, our friends and families globally should be able to learn more about this produce and also how to find it, make it more convenient to relax and enjoy the consumption of this produce.

In this case, we are in the process of looking to raising money to acquire and develop land in Jamaica to create a "Massive Soursop Fruit Orchard" to cultivate the “Soursop Fruit”. Our intent is to begin a much needed enterprise that will in the near future create a new product line from a rare exotic plant and fruit known to work superbly well towards the benefits of nurturing the human system. This will reward us the privilege of adding our line of new products to the baking • drinks • frozen dessert • ice cream • juice as well as, many other food services within the food industry and of course especially into the international market.

The most important reason for us going in business is; we saw an opportunity to establish a much needed enterprise, one that will begin by cultivating a rare multi-purpose plant that produces a fruit which is known to be very nutritious and tasty (this taste is much like blending strawberries and pineapples together). It is also about, building a new brand from an exotic plant and fruit to produce a much needed nutritional product that works superbly well for the human body;  and at the same time consumers can enjoy its delicious consumption.

Please remember this; in order for us to keep up with supplying the consumption market and to continuously keep up with serving the public at large. Our main goal is to make sure we can harvest enough of this produce both to meet the need of the raw market as well as the supply for a manufacturing sector.

While I have gained the knowledge and requirements of driving large scales of corporate executives as well as entertainers and many other upper class sector individuals. I have also absorb the skills of leadership, along with the in-depth technicalities and understanding of using a navigation system to get around. Knowing I am confident to already know that the position of leadership comes with lots of responsibilities along with challenging tasks and skills with unique blending of expertise and strategic planning, to make a valuable and immediate contribution to this kind of operation.

As I have been looking around; I've noticed there's a sporadic publicity of the "Soursop Fruit" that has not been dealt with properly. Therefore, our goal here is preparing to start supplying our all natural organic production of "Soursop Fruit" into places where consumers have already known and trust and especially in the international commercial market where we are planning to make it become much affordable and also easier to find. In places such as: • Fairway Food Market • Whole Foods Market • Walmart • Loblaws • Costco Wholesalers • SAM’s Club • BJ’s Wholesale Club and others of the like, with bulk drops to their distribution centers, within the next 2-4 years of production.

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