Presently, we are looking to raise funds to acquire and develop land in the Caribbean Island "Jamaica" to create a "Massive Soursop Fruit Orchard" to cultivate the “soursop fruit". Our intent is to begin a much needed enterprise that will first create and setup this farm, market our produce Internationally. Then as our orchard becomes more mature we will create a new product line, from the production of our very own orchard, from a rare exotic plant and fruit known to work superbly well towards nurturing the human system.

This will reward us the privilege of adding our line of new products to the:
  1. Baking
  2. Drinks
  3. Frozen dessert
  4. Ice cream
  5. Juices
  6. As well as many other food services, within the food industry and especially in the international market. 

Overview Statement

 Description of Products and Services:
Therefore, we first need to put together a massive “Tropical Fruit Orchard” to make sure we can harvest enough of this produce both to meet the need of the raw market as well as to supply a manufacturing sector. In order for us to keep up with supplying the consumption market, continuously keep up with serving the public at large, as we look forward to keep inventing more and more products. Please understand that, all we are trying to do here is to share the knowledge about the importance of this project and how important it is for us to have it in the food industry and especially in the international market.

 Business Philosophy:
We believe we should market to commercial distributors who will distribute to local
markets, that way we can focus on production instead of worrying about running around to all the local markets. We also believe it would be better to first start marketing to the United States and Canada then as our operation become more establish, we should think about expanding to other international territories in a timely manner. There will be no end until every corner of the globe gets completely saturated by our products, then supply shall continue from generation to generations.

 Mission Statement:
Now, first of all, this is a role that would not be financially possible for us to afford this type of development by ourselves. Plans are to first raise the funds, develop the Fruit Orchard, and then market the fruits internationally. We have known this fruit since the days of youth and know that it has many nutritional values as well as great taste, (more like blending pineapples and strawberries together).

Therefore, without a shadow of a doubt in our minds, we know for sure there is a vision, the future holds a very prosperous growth meant for an operation such as this enterprise but it can’t be done without putting it into practice. Consequently, to meet our goals, there’s where we need your financial support.

 Short Term Goal:
We are very keyed up with the anticipation to see our new enterprise gets taken off the ground as a massive “Soursop Fruit Orchard”. This we are looking forward, to see our enterprise certainly making it to the production level, to where we can put it to work. There it can turn out to become very successful, making it to become a lead in producing some rare nutritional product from our new enterprise by the latest this coming summer of 2021.

Since this organization is still in a projection stage and we do not have any operations’ going on as yet, we are looking for partnership to help us setup a tropical fruit orchard in the “Caribbean Island called Jamaica” of at least 50 acres or more.

The forecast is really for us to become more successful from this type of operation, it would be smarter for us to acquire at least 100 – 200 acres of land to cultivate soursop’s long term necessity. This is towards making sure there will be enough on hand to supply the need for an international marketability which is of course is over 90% wide open and waiting to get supplied within the next 2-3 years.

Our projection is to see our first annual sales objective turning out successful enough to paying off up to the most if not all of any loan or partnership investment made toward this concept; and shall be able to keep on functioning by itself after and over a period of five years of operations.

 Long Term Goal:
We are looking forward to see our products be place in properly secured packages and made more presentable, along with nutritional guidelines showing how to consume plus all its nutritional values. By producing quality plus making it more affordable, we are positive that our product will be well appreciated globally. Because of that, we don’t see our niche in any one corner of the market but, instead seeing it in a wide open market place globally.

 Objectives:
Please don’t forget that although, we would like to expose soursop, its nutritional value and even present it at a more affordable cost. As a result, we still need the financial support in every possible aspect to move forward towards our goals, which is certainly the production level and putting it to work now.


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